Looking after & Preparing your Boots for Winter.

Your ski and snowboard boots are the make or break of a good day on the hill. It is a must when purchasing your boots to have them properly boot fitted by a professional ski boot fitter for that perfect day on the mountain. After purchasing and using your boots, storing your boots correctly is key. This will provide proper hygiene and increase the lifespan significantly.

Having them ready to go is important, but looking after them is equally important. For the start of the season good preparation starts with the last day of the previous season.

First of all you should always make sure your boots a dry before storing them. When your finished for the season use a damp cloth and some mild soapy water clean the shell of any dirt marks or impurities and leave to dry. Pull the liners and foot beds out and leave them in a dry place to dry for a few days (I leave mine in outside undercover in the sun for a day then bring them inside to dry for another few days). Note: if liners are not removable leave them in a dry place with news paper scrunched up to draw out any moisture.

Once they’re dry put foot beds and liners back in boot and do them up so they a loose enough but still firmly together. The reason behind this is, all boot liners these days are all heat mouldable in some way or another and a lot of ski boot shells are going that way too. With the highs and lows of temperature this can cause them to change shape over time and the next time you put them on they will feel different. SO its always a good idea to do them up for storage. leave them to sit in a dry place. not in a bag

Once winter rolls around again its a good idea to through them on to make sure there right then away you go!

Heres a good example of a pair left wet in a suit case for 3 years. The sole of the boot was completely rotten and just fell apart!