Goggle Review: How To buy the best Goggles you will ever own.

Goggles are and can be a very understated piece of equipment when you are piecing this year’s list of essentials together. I’ve done it myself, you put off replacing them for another year claiming that “they are fine, I don’t NEED new gogs.” As the foam falls away from the frame and the lenses have more scratches on them as if the face hugger from aliens has tried to get through them. Trust me. Save the dollars, buy cheap beers, eat instant ramen for a month and treat yourself.

Without your precious peepers you will never be able to see that Epic pow run in all its glory or when the blinding spring sun is beaming down on you and your squinting like Renee Zellweger on the beach when she forgets her sunglasses.

Goggles mean EVERYTHING! Sure some people wear sunglasses on the mountain, but if you want to be taken seriously and start pushing your riding, invest in a descent set of goggles. From the fit to the Lenses here are some recommendations as to what will get you the best pair of goggles you will ever own:

1. Its all about the fit; The process of buying goggles can be somewhat tedious and not knowing where to start is a common place for the first time shopper to be. Look at it as a process of elimination fit. Try as many on as you can, look for the frames that sit comfortably on the face without pinching your nose or creating pressure points on the face. If they are not comfortable they are not your winning pair. You want a perfect seal over the bridge to prevent them fogging up and getting snow in the inside of your lenses.

2. Now that you have narrowed it down to one or two pairs this is where it can be tricky. Aim for the most practical pair vs the ones that have steeze factor. It will be the day that your on the mountain in zero visibility unable to ride that killer line because you can’t see jack that you wish you had a double lens with anti fog and a great fit.

3. Speaking of lenses try and score yourself a pair that comes with a lens kit or a secondary lens. This will give you the best of both worlds as well as a spare lens. Ususally a yellow or low light lens for those low vis days and a mirrored or chromed lens for high vis days. I usually carry one with me most days on mountains that cloud over. Nothing worse than being caught out without your gear knowing its safe and sound at home.

By Top 3 Goggles from the 2015/2016 Season:

1.     DRAGON X2

This game-changing goggle pushes functional versatility to the next dimension. The X2 combines the proven performance of our patented Frameless Lens Technology with Swiftlock, an easy on-and-off mechanism that makes swapping lenses faster, easier, and more secure than ever. The X2 is our most advanced goggle yet; enabling riders to adapt instantly in all kinds of conditions.


It is the first goggle that gives you more of what you need: sight. Less frame and an oversized lens allows you superior peripheral vision. A step forward that will change the way you see the mountains, literally. EG2 is your widescreen HDTV for the mountains.


A sleek frame shape designed for a larger fit, the Nike Command Goggle serves up comfort, adaptable performance, and maximum peripheral vision. Its 6-base injected-polycarbonate spherical lens has a wide field of view, plus 100% UV protection and an anti-fog treatment to help keep your vision clear. The frame’s Engineered Durable Water Repellant mesh enhances airflow and repels exterior moisture—squashing fog before it starts for the best-possible visibility.