Avalanche Safety

Avalanches can occur as a natural phenomenon. They can occur at the most unexpected moments or can be triggered by many other factors such as human, animal, wind or snow influences. Always check the provided information from Myoko’s ski patrol, a local guide or ask one of the Epic Snow goup leaders or ambassadors.


  • Never go riding on your own
  • Let someone know about your plans for the day and find a way to communicate with them
  • Never assume anything. Choose your route depending on your ability and of the group
  • Know your own ability and those in the group
  • Everyone should know how to use the avalanche safety equipment
  • Never traverse a slope in a straight line
  • Just because there are tracks of previous snow sporter’s doesn’t mean it is safe
  • Be aware of steep slopes lacking trees
  • Overhanging cornices are a big potential danger to ski under but also to trigger an avalanche
  • Always regroup on “safe zones” (zones where the avalanche is less likely to travel through)