Packing for that flight

In today’s world of cheap airfares for long distances flights with limited luggage weight allowances, we as the traveler are always looking to save as much weight and room as we can while still packing everything in. Traveling with your skis or snowboard can be a pain especially when these items take up a lot of our weight allowance and space. If you’re going for an extended time you may want to pay the extra fee on that budget airline and get an additional bag. If you’re going to get the extra bag, look at the not so budget airlines as these usually have the additional baggage allowance built into the airfare price.

Here are a few hacks for saving weight and room.

Board bag and ski bag.

When buying a ski or board bag always keep an eye on the weight of the bag empty. Just because it’s a big bag and you can fit everything in it doesn’t mean it will save you in the long run. A bigger bag means more weight which can mean less gear to take with you. It’s a catch 22. You could get slogged for overweight baggage and the bag might not even be full!

Shred gear bags are way bigger than your standard luggage bag although once all your snow gear is in, there isn’t much room for anything else. Try these helpful tips.

  • use the inside of your boots. Socks and thermals folded tightly fit perfect in there.
  • Use the inside of your helmet to pack your goggles and gloves.
  • Snowboarders can use the inside of their bindings when they are folded over to pack gloves, avalanche beacon, socks, thermals etc, there is usually a good amount of space
  • skiers pack your skis on either side of your bag with the bindings facing inwards. Not together as this will open up the middle of the bag a lot more freely and optimize space in between. This also stabilizes the bag too.
  • Vacuum bags are perfect to reduce the size of your jacket and pants.
  • Save weight by tuning the skis and boards before you leave, no need to carry that iron, service kit and wax with you.

luggage bag packing

Once again vacuum bags for the win. Suck the air out of that down jacket and get it in with the rest of your off-mountain clothes. Another couple of basic hacks is to buy toiletries once you land at your destination. Take minimal clothes and wash them as you go. Save room by folding your clothes neatly or roll them all up together. Individual packing bags are also a good choice to separate and itemize.

Cabin Bags

You can save a lot of room by bringing a backpack or cabin bag on the flight with you. Most airlines will give you a 7kg allowance for your cabin bag. You will mostly fill with camera gear, electronics, and the sort. If you’re a buddying photography your SLR weighs a bit. Carry your camera with you on the outside of your bag and film or take photos of the walk on to the plane, the flight attendants and ground staff won’t count this as baggage weight.

Hire gear.

Although this is not the most exciting way to save room or weight it can save you a lot. If you have all your own gear and love the way they feel and ride then I probably wouldn’t go for this idea (I never do I always pay extra for my baggage). In saying that though, if you’re traveling around a lot, only have a small weight allowance and one piece of luggage this might be the way to go.

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