7 Must do things in Tokyo
7 things to do in tokyo

1.     Tsukiji Fish Markets


Start your day nice and early with the Tokyo Fish Markets are buzzing before the suns up. This incredible business turns over 4 billion US in sales a year. Is the largest wholesale fish market in the world and has some amazing Sushi masters preparing the moth mouth-watering breakfast you will ever have. Keep your wits about you as this is a hive of activity every minute and you don’t want to be in anyone’s way or halting trade. (Free)

2.     Shibuya Crossing


The busiest pedestrian crossing in the world with over 2 million people crossing a day! Get ready for some serious people watching. Find a window seat at the Starbucks across the road or explore the shopping area surrounding the Shibuya area. The famous Hatchi statue is just outside the Shibuya station on the way to the crossing. Day or night the area is a must do! (Free)

3.     Sumo Tournament


If you are lucky enough to Visit Tokyo in January, May or September you have the opportunity to watch the once in a lifetime Sumo Tournament (basho) which is both an amazing sporting event and an exhilarating cultural experience. There is 3 other tournaments around Japan through the rest of the year. Buy some floor seats tickets which are closer to the ringside have a few Sake’s and cheers the local favourites on to victory!

4.     Eat a Michelin Star Ramen


For those who aren’t familiar with Ramen, it’s one of Japans most loved dishes which consists of Noodles in a broth which can be topped with pork, green onions seaweed or an infinite variety of combinations as every region has its specialty Ramen. Now Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other city on earth! Typically you’re spending a fortune to eat in one of these revered eateries as well as having to book months in advance. In Tokyo, you can enjoy a Michelin starred meal for under $10 and experience in my opinion heaven in a bowl.

5.     Sing your heart out at Karaoke

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Finish your night by belting out some “Wonderwall” at the top of your lungs at Karaoke where you can hire a private room and order drinks and snacks straight to your room so you don’t need to leave all night!

6.     Akihabara


Otherwise known as “Electric Town” this is an area of Tokyo is a sensory overload. Famous for its manga and gaming arcades, spend some time exploring comic book stores or eat at a cosplay café.

7.     Check out an amazing view!

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The best way to see Tokyo in its entirety is from up high! The Tokyo Skytree is a great way to get up high at almost 350 meters you will be treated to an amazing view at any time of day. If you feel like a cocktail head to North Bar on the top floor of Shinagawa Prince Hotel where you will be spoiled by the Shinjuku skyscrapers lit up by night over a delicious drop.