A chat with Australias up and comer in the snowboard industry. Book any Epic Snow tour and get a Kyneee Snowboard half price!

Kyneee Snowboards X Epic Snow Tours

As most of you know, Epic Snow has teamed up with Kyneee snowboards for our Epic Col-lab board. But did you know when you book on tour to any one of our destinations you have the option to buy a Kyneee Pow Board or an Epic Snow x Kyneee board for HALF price!

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To give you a little more incite about the Aussie snowboard brand we sat down for a quick chat with Kynan from Kyneee to pick his brains about what motivates him and what kyneee has for install for the future.

Tell me a bit about the brand when did it start and where?

Kyneee is a small board brand based out of Sydney. The brand officially started May 2013 but it’s been in the works for a lot longer. The “nope, we’re doing this” happened on a Canada trip. Doing research to purchase a new board and all the info seemed like jibberish. Companies get so caught up in branding tech features with individual names for their brand that it just makes it all come across a bit ridiculous. We grew up skateboarding and always rode blank decks, we thought maybe we could do something like that for snowboards. So we tried making boards and tried out a bunch of factories. Now we’re here

Sponsored team members, what to expect from them?

We have 3 team riders this year Blake, Beau and China. We don’t expect or demand anything of them, being so small it’s not like we have huge contracts with salary’s and stuff. Being sponsored is all about content and repping the brand, whether its video parts or just getting shot for Instagram so as long as they’re doing that we’re cool.

Apart from being Aussie made, what makes Kyneee boards stand out from the competition?

We don’t do our manufacturing here. We tried to make some in the early days, you wouldn’t want to ride those boards. It’s not something you can just learn overnight and we still press on building our own stuff as samples and prototypes but we have 2 factories we work with currently. Our main factory has been building for 15 years and their boards are solid. They also manufacture for some of the bigger brands. There’s a couple of things that set us apart. We try to manufacture with specs for an Australian market. Whether that’s in something as simple as holding off on dropping a pow board until the northern hemisphere season is about to start, or having Aussie specific graphics. Our pricing also definitely sets us apart. Not all snowboarders are rich kids, they can’t all afford $1000 boards.

Any learning curves that you can share for anyone buying a board?

It’s so easy to get confused by tech. The biggest 3 things to consider are flex, size and camber. Outside of those 3 things it’s really just background noise. Kind of like your car coming with a good stereo vs just a radio.

Favourite board in the quiver?

Tough choice, it changes daily. If I was to head out right now though I’d grab a Roadkiller for sure.

Tell me what’s on the agenda?

We’ve started finalizing next year, working on some more apparel. There’s a couple of big ideas for boards that we hope can make next year. We have a lot of stuff planned but being so small we like to do stuff on the fly as well.

Pumped for Japan?

Oh man that seems like a lifetime away. But I can’t believe the Aussie season is done, it feels like it only started last week. So it’ll be here in no time.

What’s next? and anything else?

We have so many big idea’s to try and push Australian snowboarding and do cool shit. So much of this is about giving back and just making our local scene as rad as it can be. I really wish we had some Burton/Redbull marketing budgets to put into it all. Thanks to everyone that helps us out, and if you don’t know who we are, check us out. Drop us a message, we’re always around.

You can check out all Kyneee has to offer at http://www.kyneee.com/

Instagram: @kyneeesnowboards  Facebook: KyneeeSnowboards

Remember you can grab the Epic Snow x Kyneee park board for $250

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Guide and Founder Benny V, took the Epic Snow x Kyneee board for a rip on the recent Epic Road Trip NZ tour in New Zealand. Check out the video to hear what he had to say at the top of Cardrona.

Sorry skiers, we haven’t partnered with any one yet but if you’re a budding ski brand and want to be involved with Epic Snow shoot us an email info@epicsnow.co