5 Secret shredding throw in’s.

Have you ever been at the top of the mountain and just thought, damn I wish I had packed my ……. or shit I should have thrown in my ……..

Here is 5 different must haves to throw in when packing for your next shred trip.


Head lamp


You just never know when you might need to see in the dark. Our first day on the hill last trip to Myoko Japan wasn’t a day, it was a night, The day was a travel day, we where so pumped up about the snow we just had to get out there.  After a few runs down the lit slop we started looking for the fluffy stuff, The head lamp came in handy for those sneaky little tree runs just off piste.

Spray on wax

Spray on and away you go. You might have to do this every day, but if its sticky out there you want the speed. Specially on those flat compacted areas after you’ve just bumped out of that secret tree run back on to the cat track… who likes walking any way? Besides, not every body has time for a hot wax, theres to much beer to be drunk.

Metal Water Bottle

Because eating snow all day is not thirst quenching. You could just buy a plastic water bottle and keep it in your back pack, but a metal Mizu with your favourite brand on it has way more steez and generally wont explode if you have a heavy landing on it.


Zip Lock Bags

Or in the words of our Canadian brother – Marty “life proof cases” speaks for it self. Stops your paper currency from getting wet and soggy, keeps your precious iPhone dry (you can still use and take photos through it) and best of all…. a 20 pack of “life proof cases” is only $2 bucks!

Spare memory cards

When it dumps that 50 cents over night and you’ve used up all your go pro memory card megabits its much quicker to to swap out a card then to sift through and delete the crappy runs… Sifting is for home.