Getting fit for the POW!

Getting fit for the POW! The ultimate at home program designed to reduce injury and have you shred ready! Unfortunately some of us can’t be hitting the snow year round meaning snow trips are limited to a couple weeks of the year and the body isn’t conditioned to Snowboard… I’m going to keep this simple, to the point and easy to apply in a 2 x a week program to get you ready for your kick ass snow trip

What needs to be strong?

It starts with the feet! Your whole body’s structure begins with the feet, effecting everything form the knees, pelvis, shoulders and even your breathing! We have weak feet due to wearing shoes from a young age which can cause knee pain and bad posture in some cases… I’ve got 2 awesome exercises that will help you 1. Build the connective tissue surrounding the joints and reduce your likelihood for injury 2. Develop stronger feet, ankles and knees to have even better control of your board…

What else do I need to do?

Well your CORE is super important when it comes to boarding… 1. The lower back needs to be strong 2. The bodies ability to rotate is really important as well! Weak abs and low back is a recipe for injury on the snow. Don’t worry I’ve got some more kick ass movements to help you out!

Workout time!

What do I need?

20 minutes & your own body!

A1. Ballerina squats 3×20 – 2 seconds down 2 seconds up

A2. Lying hip bridge 3×20 – 2 seconds down 2 seconds up

A3. Split squat 3×10 per leg 4 seconds down 2 seconds pause at the bottom 1 second on the way up

A4. Seated Russian twists 3×20 per side

A5. Tight arch hold 3×20 seconds

A6. Side plank 3×20 seconds per side

Apply this program 3 weeks out and perform 2 x a week to bulletproof yourself for the pow!

Workout description:

Your performing all 6 exercises in a row without rest in the bodyweight circuit, Perform BAREFOOT to strengthen those feet.

Ballerina Squat- Get on to your tippy toes, keep your chest up and lower controlled until your hamstring meet your calf! Lower controlled for 2 seconds and raise for two seconds once you hit the bottom! Don’t bounce at the bottom range! This will keep your calfs, knees and quads strong for your boarding

Straight to the next one!

Lying hip bridge- Lay flat on the floor, bring your heels under your knees, tuck your abs in and raise your butt as high as you can squeezing your glutes at the top! Raise for 2 seconds and lower for 2 seconds, Feel the burn as you do 20! This will strengthen the lower back and glutes to save your from tightness and aches as you spend all day leaned over on the mountain.

No rest!

Split squat- You can perform this with both feet on the ground or one foot elevated! If you have tight hips/quads don’t add in extra ROM. In an extended lunge position place your hands on your hips, Keep your chest and eyes up then press the knee forward slightly, lower 4 seconds until your calf meets your hamstring, pause in a stretched position for 2 seconds and raise up for 1 second. Not only will this movement bring you flexibility BUT it will build the connective tissue in your knees, feet and ankles so your structure is POW ready.

Keep moving!

Russian twist- Sit down on your butt, elevate your feet, interlace your hands and lean back to a 45 degree angle. Once you are there begin to twist side to side make contact to the floor with your hands! Make sure you rotate your body not just reach with your hands

Almost done!

Tight Arch- Lay down flat on the floor extending your arms and your legs, Bring your hands and feet together so they touch the drive your heels together, squeeze your ass, press the hands firmly then raise the legs and hands as high as you can! Hold for 20 seconds! Bulletproofing that low back wooooooo

Last one!

That side plank tho… Lay on your side, bring your hand/elbow to 90 degrees then place under shoulder! Hop up into a tight position where your elevate your body and support your body weight in this challenging core position. BOOM those obliques will be nice and strong for your trip so you can rotate with ease 😀

Ian D’Andrade

Owner at Never Quit Gym, Gold Coast Australia

Strength and Conditioning Coach

From Moms and Dads to Pro Athletes I coach them all!